Pectoralis Major Tendon Repair
0-4 weeks post op
• Sling for 6 weeks. May remove for stretching/ROM exercises
• Pendulum exercises
• Passive supine elevation using the opposite hand to 130 degrees
• Hand, wrist, and elbow range of motion and progressive resistance exercises
4-6 weeks post op
• Deltoid and rotator cuff isometrics
• Advance ROM to include passive supine elevation to full; passive ER to 25 degrees
• Avoid anterior capsule stretching
• Begin scapular strengthening program, in protective range
6-12 weeks post op
• Passive forward elevation, abduction, internal rotation, progress as tolerated
• Progress external rotation gradually to full
• Begin active forward elevation, external rotation, abduction
• Utilize exercise arcs avoid stress on the anterior capsule
• No Active internal rotation or adduction
12 weeks+ post op
• Aggressive upper extremity progressive resistance exercises
• Active ROM in all planes
• Internal and external rotation isokinetics, velocity spectrum
• Progress to plyometrics and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
• Gradual increase in weights / strengthening as tolerated
• Sports-specific rehab
Return to Sport/Activity
• Doctor OK
• Passing strength test if requested
• Completion of throwing program if requested