Meniscus Repair Protocol (UVA)

Brace 0-90° for 5 weeks post op
50% weight bearing for 5 weeks post op
Use of crutches for 5 weeks post op
Pain/edema reduction
Enhance quad recruitment

0-2 weeks post op
•Pain/edema control
•Quad recruitment with Time Modulated AC (aka Russian Stim)
•Quad Sets/Hamstring co-contractions at multiple angles10x10, 2-3xdaily
•SLR in brace at 0°until quad can maintain knee locked
•Heel slides in brace
•Patella mobilizations if necessary
•Obtain full extension if lacking

2 weeks post op
•Continue as above
•Aquatic therapy-after post op visit with doctor, perform functional ROM in waist deep water or deeper, forward and retro-walking, marching, lateral stepping
•Stationary bicycle with seat high, lower to normal seat height as tolerated
•Leg press with 50% BW max
•Leg extensions within ROM restrictions, use high volume and light-weight
•Leg curls within ROM restrictions, use high volume and light-weight

5 weeks post op
• Full WB
• No pivoting, twisting, hopping, jumping, running
• Encourage full ROM as tolerated
• Normalize gait mechanics
• Progress PREs open/closed chain as tolerated
• Isokinetics 180, 150, 120, 90, 60°/sec, 8- 10 reps up and down each speed
•Treadmill forward and retro-walking
•Cable column exercises
•Single leg stands for proprioception
•Cardiovascular equipment of choice
•Slide board-start with short distance and increase as tolerated
•Be aware of PTF signs and symptoms and manage accordingly

8 weeks post op
•Continue as above
•Full ROM
•All exercised on affected leg only
•Increase PREs for strength, high intensity low volume
•Single leg squats

10 weeks post op
•Continue as above
•Plyometrics-with both feet, move to single leg ASAP
•Assess light jogging on treadmill

12 weeks post op
•Continue as tolerated
•Sport specific drills
•Plyometrics for speed and power
•Work quad to within 15% or less difference

5 months post op
•Full return to sport involving pivoting, squatting, twisting, running