Fifth Metatarsal Fracture: Post Op Protocol

Post Op Day 1 or 2 :

Splint Removal, Dressing Change, Placement in a Fixed Ankle Walker Boot

Begin Immediate ROM exercises of Ankle.

50% weight bearing with crutches for 7 days.

Post Op Day 7:

Transition to full weight bearing with boot and crutches.

OK to begin stationary bike with minimal resistance in boot.


Post Op Day 14:

Follow up visit, xrays needed.

Being full weight bearing with boot only, no crutches needed.

Begin Formal Physical Therapy if desired.

Post Op Week 4:

Transition to regular shoes.

OK to begin swimming gently. Continue Stationary Bike, increasing resistance.


Post Op Week 6:

Follow up visit, xrays needed.

Transition to sport specific exercises as tolerated.

****Cleared for return to play when evidence of radiographic healing.